WEBC Logi​stics LLC


48 States and Counting

WEBC is a gap filler, as a logistics provider in transportation services, we give you the flexibility that you crave for. We take pride in providing 5-star customer service. WEBC is committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our motto: "A win-win partnership is transparent, we grow a relationship with a healthy environment." We understand the #1 metric in the supply chain is on time delivery. WEBC will guarantee a positive experience. We are a Veteran owned business. We are always available and reliable.

Mission Statement

Do It Right the First Time!

Core Values

Respect, Honesty, Integrity:  We are honorable with our conduct, both externally and internally.  

Customer Service:  We can't exist without our customers and their continued satisfaction.

Compassion:  We believe in helping citizens on our public roads who need assistance, because it's the right thing to do.


We are what Taxis' are to New Yorkers' in the Trucking Industry. We are a power Unit company with the ability to procure any trailer that is needed. We have team drivers that gives us the ability to operate 24hrs/7 days a week. We are registered as a Federal contractor,providing services for Veteran Affairs, FEMA, Department of Defense. We can pick-up and deliver your goods anywhere in the 48 States. We believe in safety first. The public and our customers can feel safe when we are around. We are certified Veteran Owned Small Business, also 8(A). We believe our customers are always right and deserve effective communication and Empathy. We strive to make sure your experience with us is rewarding.   


• Family history of More than 30 years of experience

• Honest competitive prices - zero hidden fees

• Friendly and professional service

• Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Federal Contractor